Falcon HB-JSZ

This aircraft features a functional, modern, refined cabin with three separate areas and cameras mounted above and below to let you observe your flight from the outside.

The cabin is fitted with 15 comfortable seats and a rear lounge with a sofa and two VIP seats, which can be completely isolated from the rest of the cabin.

Manufactured 2007
Owner approval no
Smoking  yes
Petsaccording to agreement
Cabin height 1.88 m
Rear area separable  yes
Individual leather VIP seats 8
Club-seating 4 passengers 1
Sofa for 3 passengers in rear cabin 1
Single bed 5
Double bed 1
Lavatory lockable door 2
Sink 2
External camera yes
DVD player yes
CD player yes
Cabin screen yes
Individual screen yes
Outside camera yes
Airshow yes
Satellite phone yes
Coffee machine Nespresso yes
Cabin air humidifier yes
Hot air oven 2
Low cabin pressure altitude yes
Cabin noise level 52 dB
Medical kit and defibrillator yes
Power supply 230V - 110V outlet
Cockpit crew 2 - 3
In-flight service 1
US Visa Waiver program yes
Canadian Airspace Waiver yes
Qualified for London City, Lugano and Samedan yes